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I wanted to draw attention to some important information just released on the NRC website related to our response efforts and the Japanese nuclear emergency.

A transcript for the public commission meeting held yesterday has been posted. The meeting included an overview of NRC actions related to the Japanese emergency and the possible short- and long-term activities for the NRC. The transcript can be found here: And the slides from the meeting are located here:

Chairman Jaczko gave opening remarks at the meeting. He said, in part, “We have a responsibility to the American people to undertake a systematic and methodical review of the safety of our own domestic nuclear facilities, in light of the natural disaster and the resulting nuclear emergency in Japan. Beginning to examine all available information is an essential part of our effort to analyze the event and understand its impact on Japan and implications for the United States. Our focus is always on keeping plants and radioactive materials in this country safe and secure.”

A copy of his full opening remarks can be found here:

We’ve also pulled together important documents and links related to the Japanese nuclear emergency onto one location on our home page. That page is available from the home page or directly here:

Eliot Brenner
Public Affairs Director

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

One thought on “New Postings on NRC.Gov”

  1. as a retired plant engineer i am of course glued to this event.

    sure would be a comfort if there were a source out there for honest apprisal based on fact not speculation. The TV reporters all want to be Herb Morrison at Hindenburg.

    i read the plant status sheets here:
    several times a day
    and can tell things are bad but not Chernobyl. yet.

    Would you consider posting some photographs and plant survey results to show there are not pieces of fuel rods scattered across the landscape?

    I have done my best to be a voice of reason at this blog
    and a lot of other folks with industry experience are trying to spread calm as well.

    but reports of releases on order of 10^18

    Click to access Japan2011-03-22_1500_E.pdf

    and phrases “50% of Chernobyl” are difficult for me to grapple with.

    Thanks for reading this far,

    old jim hardy
    retired from Turkey Point

    ps on market-ticker blog referenced above i’m analog
    i think you’d find it interesting to see main street’s reaction.

    i read minutes of your 21 march briefing.
    Somebody someplace knows what is in the plume and from that they know whether Spent Fuel Pits have experienced a re-criticality and whether that was the orange flash in the TV shots of Tuesday’s explosion.
    Somebody knows if those gaping holes in side of building with rebar hanging out are ends of the spent fuel pit.
    Look at “de-shaken fukushima video” on youtube. It’s scaring people and rightly so.

    If i can be of help to you please advise.
    I have thirty years experience in a PWR plant as I&C engineer, and i was the plant’s very first Shift Technical Advisor.
    thanks again,

    old jim himself
    you could check with Don Jernigan for a reference on me.

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