Coming Soon — A Better NRC Website

I’m happy to report the NRC is about to unveil the most significant update to our Website in 10 years. will switch to its new design and functionality on midnight this Friday. We’ll troubleshoot over the weekend and make the formal announcement of the new and improved site on Monday.

You can get a sneak peak now, though, with this video or this video.

The redesigned site has better navigation, content and accessibility. Our goal is to make it easier and quicker for users to find the information they want. We consider this redesign an important part of our ongoing support for the goal of openness, transparency and public outreach.

Many of the upgrades and changes reflect public input that we got through online surveys, interviews and focus groups. Some important changes or additions:

• Reporting a safety concern is prominently located on the home page;

• Rotating slides on the home page highlight major areas of interest;

• A new interactive calendar allows quick access to the latest NRC public meetings;

• A new “Spotlight” replaces the Key Topics on the home page, and now is available on each page of the site; and

• Consistent navigation in the header and footer areas aids users in moving through the site.

Please visit the improved and then let us know with your comments here what you think.

Darren Ash
Chief Information Officer

New Reactor Program Annual Review Unveiled

Did you know that by the end of 2010, the NRC had received 18 combined operating license applications to build and operate 28 new reactors? Or that the NRC has issued design certifications for four reactor designs that can be referenced in an application for a nuclear power plant – three from Westinghouse and one from General Electric-Hitachi?

And did you know that NRC inspectors began overseeing construction activities at Georgia’s Vogtle nuclear power plant in 2010 or that the NRC conducts oversight of manufacturers and suppliers of safety-related components to ensure they comply with quality assurance and defect reporting requirements?

The answers to these questions and much more can be found in the first-ever annual review for the NRC’s Office of New Reactors (NRO). The review allows you to keep up with what the agency’s doing with regard to new reactors.

Available in print form and online on the agency’s public web site at, the annual review is an easy-to-read and informative 40-page publication.

The review includes sections on the office’s three main areas of focus, new reactor licensing, construction oversight and the agency’s Advanced Reactor Program. In addition, the review features an “International Cooperation” section, as well as an “Overview” summary and “A Look Ahead” write-up. It concludes with “At a Glance,” an organizational summary of divisions within the office, their branches and responsibilities.

The publication is complete with photos of NRO employees at work, illustrations of state-of-the-art technology, charts and other graphics. Requests for print copies of the review can be sent to: .

Bob Jasinski
Senior New Reactors Communications Specialist
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