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A Place on the NRC Website for Teachers and Students

I’m not going to go into my age but when I was growing up there was no internet (shriek!) I had encyclopedias. Yes, I know for young people it is hard to fathom not having cell phones, computers, laptops and now the tablets or iPads. Today, the young have the “world at their fingertips” so they have instant access to information that will help with their education and their future career goals.

Inquiring minds (teacher’s too!) might want to check out the corner of the NRC website targeted to them. Student’s Corner covers topics from what is nuclear energy to radioactive waste. There are games, glossary of terms and the Periodic Table of Elements. Teachers have access to lesson plans for instructional units and classroom activities.

We also recently added the Nuclear FHIZ Kids that go with the book “A Journey to Your Future Make Discovering Your Career an Adventure.”

Check out the “Inside the NRC “ video on the About NRC web page to find out fascinating facts about the NRC. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to follow a career path that will help protect the people and the environment.

Kim English
Outreach & Recruitment Branch

2 responses to “A Place on the NRC Website for Teachers and Students

  1. Mic May 13, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Yeah I think is a good page for this day’s kids and also more funny than encyclopedias. Good work

    • Pamela April 28, 2013 at 7:44 pm

      I think, it is a wonderful idea to create a spot that appeals to our youth. They are always on line or on their smart phones.. They love to communicate digitally; why not go where they already are?

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