Employing People with Disabilities

NRC Employee Matthew Whorral participates in the National Disabilities Employment Advisory Month luncheon hosted by the Advisory Committee for Employees with Disabilities in October 2010.

The NRC works hard to recruit and employ people with disabilities. We work with community outreach groups, advertise positions in a variety of publications of interest to those with disabilities, and participate in career fairs sponsored by organizations concerned with disability issues. We even have a special coordinator and e-mail address for those with disabilities to contact the agency.

The NRC provides reasonable accommodations to remove workplace barriers for people with disabilities. These accommodations may include specialized computers and other assistive technology or equipment, telework and other flexible work schedules, and sign language interpreting services.

The agency also has a formal mentoring program and employees with disabilities are encouraged to participate in this program to discuss their career goals and aspirations with an experienced staff member. In addition, we have career development and leadership programs that greatly benefit employees with disabilities.

Disabled individuals interested in work opportunities at the NRC should send their resume to Disability.Resource@nrc.gov .

Peggy Etheridge
Disability Selective Placement Coordinator
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