What is the ACMUI?

The Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes (ACMUI) is an official advisory committee that comments on changes to NRC medical regulations and guidance. The committee also evaluates certain non-routine uses of radioactive material, provides technical assistance in licensing, inspection, and enforcement cases, and brings key issues to the attention of the Commission. This committee was established in 1958 to represent a variety of technical perspectives and provide independent advice that is factored into NRC’s decision making.

(The NRC oversees regulations for hospitals and physicians using radiocative materials in medical treatment.)

Who sits on the ACMUI? Thirteen health care professionals sit on the committee. They include a nuclear medicine physician, a nuclear cardiologist, a medical physicist in nuclear medicine, a medical physicist in radiation therapy, a radiation safety officer, a nuclear pharmacist, and two radiation oncologists. The committee also includes a patients’ rights advocate, a Food and Drug Administration representative, an Agreement State representative, a health care administrator, and a diagnostic radiologist.

Members go through a formal nomination and selection process and are appointed to four-year terms. They may serve up to two consecutive terms, for a maximum length of eight years.

The ACMUI holds meetings twice a year at NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md., in additional to several teleconferences a year. Most committee meetings are open to the public and any member of the public may ask to make an oral statement during the meeting.

More information and a meeting schedule can be found on the ACMUI web page.

Sophie Holiday
Alternate ACMUI Project Manager

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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  1. My uncle is a nuclear physics professors and he does all kinds of work with isotopes all the time. He worked all the up in Canada at the Chalk River facility when he was first starting out. I think he said something about how they provide the majority of the isotopes to a lot of medical institutions around the globe. Anyways, very interesting stuff!

  2. Inclusion of the name and organization of each member and source of provided buget and funds would further increase the transparency of this transparent functional organization.

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