NRC continues discussions on implementing Japan Task Force recommendations

The NRC will hold several meetings next week in Rockville, Md., with industry representatives to continue discussions on proposals for implementing recommendations from the NRC’s Japan Near-Term Task Force. The task force examined issues raised by the Fukushima nuclear accident in March.

The meeting on Monday, Dec. 12, will discuss the recommendation that covers a plant’s staffing needs during a potential accident at multiple reactors on one site and communications needs if a nuclear power plant loses all A/C power.

The meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 14, will discuss recommendations that call for re-examination of earthquake and flooding hazards at U.S. nuclear power plants.

The staff will hold two meetings on Thursday, Dec. 15. The first will discuss the recommendation to require certain types of U.S. nuclear power plants to have reliable means of releasing pressure buildup during an accident. The second meeting will discuss the recommendation to require U.S. nuclear power plants to install additional equipment to monitor their spent fuel pools.

Future meetings will be posted on the NRC website.

The task force issued its report and recommendations on July 12. The Commission directed the staff to identify which recommendations could be implemented without unnecessary delay, and the staff responded with a proposal Sept. 9. The Commission provided direction to the staff Oct. 18 on how to carry out the proposal.

Scott Burnell
Public Affairs Officer
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