Bring Your Children to Work Day at the NRC

Every April, NRC employees look forward to Bring Your Children to Work Day! This event provides an opportunity for children to accompany their parents to work and see what they do. The event focuses on children aged 6 to 18, and gives the children a chance to be exposed to technical, professional, and administrative careers.

Great efforts were taken to make this year’s event a fun, engaging, and educational experience. More than 100 children participated in this memorable occasion.

The day started with some radiating personalities explaining the importance of our mission, followed by “nuclear” bingo. Next the children were shown, with the assistance of a licorice stick, the meaning of “half-life”. (Half-life means the lapse of time in which radioactivity decreases by half.)

The wonderful world of weather – and its relationship to nuclear power plants — was explained and the children were shown the difference in the common types of clouds and weather experiments. Then it was on to the tours of the technical library, a hearing room, the Operations Center and “Ask a Scientist.” The “Ask a Scientist” session allowed the children to share their nuclear knowledge and gave them the opportunity to ask questions while on camera. The questions will be answered by NRC employees and will be posted on the NRC You Tube channel in the near future – so stay tuned!

For more information, visit the following link: Bring Your Children to Work Day.

Kimberly English
Outreach & Recruitment Branch

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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