The NRC Joins YouTube

The official NRC YouTube channel went live in September 2011 at The first posted videos feature NRC employees talking about their personal 9/11 experiences and the effects of that day on their lives. (You can also get there by going to the agency website at and clicking on the YouTube icon.)

Look for future videos that include portions of important Commission meetings and information on the history and role of the NRC.

YouTube joins Twitter and this blog as social media tools we’re using to communicate with the public in new and meaningful ways. We hope the videos will enhance the public’s understanding of the agency and its mission, and give a face to the people who work hard to protect people and the environment.

We won’t be taking comments on YouTube, but have created a special location on this blog for comments on videos.

Happy viewing!

Eliot Brenner
Public Affairs Director

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

16 thoughts on “The NRC Joins YouTube”

  1. great opportunity to go on YT. I believe soon it will be the strongest social media worldwide.

  2. 9/11 was such a tragic experience and reading anything about it always makes me feel sad and depressed.

  3. it seems reasonable, of course; but you must know that it discourages commentary. i had to search for why comments were disabled on your video and found it in a sidebar on your channel page. most people WILL NOT do that… therefore, it discourages. you talked about improving communications on the video, but then you block the vehicle that youtube offers people to engage. it doesn’t bode well for open dialogue.

  4. We ask that comments on YouTube videos be posted here on the blog, which we’re using as our main social media discussion platform. You’re also free to use the Open Forum section on the blog for comments.

  5. i just watched the chairwoman’s comments at

    she spoke at length about good communications; yet, it seems that that communications is a one-way street at the nrc.

    why have you disabled comments? is it because you know that many of us no longer trust you to keep us safe from nuclear energy and waste? no debate on youtube, the great equalizer? so much for “communicating well”…

  6. Great to see that the NRC is embracing social media in this way, a great way to engage. Thanks for the post!

  7. It seems that YouTube is becoming a part of just about every area of social networking, training, and education. Good to see NRC on board.

    Corona, California

  8. Nice idea for NRC to post videos on Youtube. Waiting to see what NRC have in store.

  9. You put together a very touching video about the events on 9/11. Your presentation makes this sad event more personal for the rest of the country. Thanks.

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