Hurricane Sandy Forces Postponement of Ft. Calhoun Meeting on Tuesday

Due to the approach of Hurricane Sandy, the NRC has postponed Tuesday’s scheduled Commission briefing on the status of the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant.

Chairman Macfarlane agreed with the staff’s recommendation to postpone the hearing out of concern for the safety of members of the public who might want to attend the briefing, especially those who may be traveling to Rockville and may have difficulty getting here because of flight disruptions.

The briefing will be rescheduled. Please check our Public Meetings Page and the Commission Schedule on our website for updates. This does not affect the schedule for the meeting between NRC officials and officials of the Omaha Public Power District announced on Friday. That meeting is still scheduled for Nov. 15 in Blair, Neb.

David McIntyre
Public Affairs Officer

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Forces Postponement of Ft. Calhoun Meeting on Tuesday”

  1. Quiz to NRC Region IV AIT Team from one of the disciples of NRC Branch Chief gifted with MIT Intelligence, Intution and Sixth Sense: SONGS Unit 2 RSGs suffered moderate damage compared with severe damage suffered by Unit 3 RSGs. Has NRC asked SONGS Engineers and SMs whey were they operating unit 3 at lower secondary pressures and higher reactor thermal power levels compared with Unit 2 RSGs. What drove them to this change, Did they seek Operations management approval. Did they understood the implication of this change. Was the change made using ‘critical questioning and investigative attitude’ and conservative decision making process. Do they understand now what went wrong and what they did wrong. Mr. Elmo Collins, Best of luck, the answers to these questions will HELP ALL and save Public from Getting Hurt!

  2. No technology can predict the mood of natural forces. Devastaing combination of Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and a MSLB can create Havoc with Peoples Lives, Depressed Economy, Crops and Delicate Eco-Systems by restarting Degraded SONGS Unit 2 as an Unapproved Experiment like Chernobyl. Are NRC, SCE, MHI, Westinghouse, AREVA, USA, NEI and NEIL willing to post a CASH Bond of $12 Billion to cover these damages to begin with.

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