The Online Public Meeting Schedule – A Resource for the Interested Public

Adam Glazer
Librarian, Public Document Room


The NRC hosts hundreds of meetings throughout the year. Many of the meetings are held so you, the public, can share your thoughts about nuclear power issues. While the meeting topics vary, the way to find out about them doesn’t — you check the Public Meeting Schedule on the NRC’s Web site.

You’ll find the date and time, purpose and agenda, location, and contact name and phone number. When you click on the link to the agenda, you’ll be able to find out more information, such as who from the NRC is planning on attending the meeting. If there’s a telephone icon, there will be a phone number so you can listen in on the meeting remotely instead of traveling to it.

Our goal is to give you at least 10 days advance notice before a meeting, so that you can arrange your schedule to participate if it’s a topic you’re interested in. A word of caution – please keep checking the Web site in case there’s been a change to the meeting. Also, if there’s bad weather, we may have to cancel or postpone the meeting.

In 2012, we posted information about 1,147 meetings. There are sure to be many meetings in 2013. Perhaps one will interest you?

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

7 thoughts on “The Online Public Meeting Schedule – A Resource for the Interested Public”

  1. These are excellent suggestions. The NRC is currently changing how staff posts public meeting information. Although we may not be able to take action on comments such as these before the new process goes into effect, we could very well make further changes to the system and process at a later date.

    Lance Rakovan
    Facilitator Program Coordinator

  2. I clicked on the link from your email to me to see the Public meetings and it opened the NRC site and stated Page not found. 2/20 10:50am est.

  3. Every post should include BOTH the webinar LINK and also the Telephone Only Link to the meeting , not to yet another listing, along with who to contact if the connection is poor during the meeting and/or how to submit questions during the meeting!

    Another suggestion might be to include a link to be noticed when the video and/or transcript are posted for any meetings of interest.

  4. Good suggestion, they should also post a Non-Secret summation of all closed meetings as many from the public view these closed meeting as a dodge to public oversight!

  5. On this site, we post new meeting notices and we also keep information up to date by updating changes to upcoming meetings.

  6. Some NRC meetings are closed to the public, to protect security-related or proprietary information, among other reasons. When a meeting must be closed, NRC staff should strive to release a meeting notice well in advance of the meeting, even though it’s not open, because the fact that such a meeting is held is of interest in itself. Frequently NRC does not release notice of closed meetings until after they take place, if ever, which is not in the interest of transparency.

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