Inspector General Report Identifies Ways to Improve NRC’s Occupational Training Program

Stephen Dingbaum
Assistant Inspector General

oigThe NRC’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is an independent, objective office tasked with auditing NRC programs and operations with a focus on — among other things — detecting fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement.

The office’s most recent report — an Audit of NRC’s Safety Training and Development for Technical Staff – is now available to the public. The audit set out to determine if NRC’s process for identifying safety training needs efficiently and effectively prepares staff members to perform their regulatory oversight activities.

OIG found that NRC rarely conducted occupational training needs assessments for staff positions responsible for performing safety oversight activities. And, the needs assessments that the agency had prepared were not formally reviewed on a defined basis. By conducting occupational training needs assessments on a defined basis, the NRC can provide safety training to staff in a more efficient and effective way.

OIG’s audit report makes recommendations to improve the agency’s safety-related training program. NRC management stated their general agreement with the audit report and recommendations.

The audit report, including recommendations, can be found here.

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