Inspector General Report Presents Results of the NRC 2012 Safety Culture and Climate Survey

Stephen Dingbaum
Assistant Inspector General

oigThe Office of the Inspector General’s most recent report — 2012 NRC Safety Culture and Climate Survey – is now available to the public. The results of the survey of the agency workforce were significantly more favorable than comparable national and industry norms. However, the results of the 2012 survey were less favorable than the agency’s 2009 results, and the report identifies opportunities for improvement.

oigpresentationratesThe survey was administered from September 4 – September 28, 2012. All NRC employees and managers were eligible to participate and almost 80 percent did so – providing a reliable and valid measure of the current attitudes and perceptions of the agency staff.

The OIG engaged an independent contractor, Towers Watson, to conduct the survey. The OIG asked the contractor to conduct results-to-action workshops during the week of Jan. 8, 2013. The workshops were designed to help agency managers analyze the survey results for their individual organizations and develop appropriate action plans aimed at improving NRC’s safety culture and climate.

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