Inspector General Report Identifies Ways To Improve NRC’s Safeguards Information Local Area Network and Electronic Safe

Stephen Dingbaum
Assistant Inspector General

oigThe Office of the Inspector General’s most recent report – Audit of NRC’s Safeguards Information Local Area Network and Electronic Safe (SLES) – is now available to the public. This audit set out to determine if the system used by the NRC for safeguards information, a special category of sensitive unclassified information, met the needs of the users and was secure.

The OIG found that NRC has developed a secure electronic system to store and manage safeguards information while also reducing paper SGI and the space needed to store SGI documents; however areas exist for improvement. Specifically, the system does not meet user needs and uses inconsistent access rights.

The OIG’s audit report makes recommendations to improve the agency’s SLES system. NRC management stated their agreement with the audit report and recommendations.

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