NRC Shutdown: Day Two of Furloughs

Mark Satorius
Executive Director for Operations

As you know, the NRC was able to continue to keep its doors open a bit longer than the rest of the federal government. But yesterday, we, too, shut down due to the lapse in appropriations. Furlough notices were sent to all employees. At this time, only about 300 of our 3900 staff members are reporting to duty. That number includes the resident inspectors, who continue to do their job at the nuclear power plants in your communities.

It’s important to reiterate that while we continue to uphold our fundamental safety and security mission – and can bring workers back quickly in an emergency – there is important long-term work that just isn’t getting done.

All public meetings are suspended while the NRC is shutdown. Those already postponed or cancelled include both Commission meetings scheduled for next week (Oct. 16 and Oct. 18). Also postponed are the Waste Confidence meetings originally scheduled for the weeks of Oct. 14th and Oct. 21st. No decision has yet been made about other Waste Confidence meetings. As soon as we are back to work, we’ll begin planning for when the postponed meetings will be held.

Also postponed is the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board hearing originally scheduled to begin Oct. 16, in Houston, and the public meeting on performance at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant scheduled for Oct. 16 in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

In addition, we’ve had to temporarily suspend action on all pending licensing or enforcement matters before the licensing boards or Commission, with the exception of those related to the Yucca Mountain licensing proceeding (as that work is funded by the Nuclear Waste Fund, not the general agency appropriation.) Those litigants have all been notified.

During the shutdown, we will continue to receive safety and security concerns via the web page and the hotlines listed here. The Inspector General’s Office also continues to function.

Unfortunately the NRC’s public website is not being updating during the shutdown. It is still accessible, though. Some key documents related to the shutdown include:

• the NRC’s shutdown plan, approved by the Office of Management and Budget;

press releases on postponed meetings: and

• a Regulatory Information Summary on our shutdown operations.

While no one knows how long the shutdown will last, the NRC staff is already making plans for a smooth, quick “restart” of the agency. While we know there will be some lag time between bringing all employees back and becoming fully functioning again, we want that lag to be as short as possible. We hope we are all back at work soon.

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

8 thoughts on “NRC Shutdown: Day Two of Furloughs”

  1. Whenever someone says “I just want….” it means that a huge part of reality is being ignored. Just saying…..

  2. Really!!!!! There is enough blame to spread around…what we have are professional politicians not leaders…we the people must send leaders to Washington…not puppets.

  3. Fault should not be the focus. The people should be the focus. Everyone has a point they want to make (Congress, Senate and The President). Obamacare (Affordable Healthcare) and the Debt Ceiling for example. The rate we are going everyone would need Obamacare or welfare. People are in jeopardy of losing rather than gaining some businesses are not working with those furloughed. Mortgage, car notes and other bills still are expected to be paid. Obama can’t run for president again and already has made history (good or bad). Therefore, why the attacks on the executive office. Personally, I would rather Obamacare exists than welfare. Welfare recipients don’t contribute anything it’s free to them. Obamacare does have people bringing something to the table. If I am going to give someone a meal I rather them bring bread or water, rather than an empty stomach leaving all responsibility on me too fill it. I just want this mess over. Notice I said “mess”. Listening to breaking news now- if we do reopen; we still have to see what happens January 15th.

  4. This is not the fault of the GOP. The President refused to negotiate on anything. The government shutdown is as much the fault of the President and the senate — as it is the GOP.

  5. Salute to all Government employees that have had their family vacations and personal lives upset by the GOP, nobody is blaming you!

    Now you know how those outside the NRC feel when they believe that the NRC has let them down by siding with the nuclear industry!

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