NRC Meetings “Go Viral”

Lance Rakovan
Senior Communications Specialist

Well, not viral, actually. But beginning this month, there is a new way to hear about our upcoming public meetings. By signing up for our new public meeting Twitter feed, you will get tweets whenever we schedule a public meeting, as well as if we cancel or change meeting details.

The tweets will go out the same time a meeting notice is posted or changed and will include a link to a webpage that has details about the meeting. You can sign up to receive NRC’s public meeting tweets by registering for twitter or logging into your Twitter account. In the search field type NRCgov_PMNS. The NRC’s public meeting account will be listed and then simply click the “Follow” button underneath.

publicopinionSpeaking of public meetings, for years, NRC has handed out a Public Meeting Feedback Form at all our public meetings. We wanted to know your opinion about what went well, as well as any suggestions you had about how we could make our meetings better.

But, also beginning in December, you’ll notice a new and improved feedback system. We’ll still have the old hard copy form. You can still use that and hand it off to an NRC representative or drop it in the mail. But now you’ll be able to give feedback directly through your smartphone or your computer.

Each form will have a Quick Response (QR) code. By using any of the free QR code reader apps that are available, you can scan the code and go directly to our feedback page right through your phone. You can then fill out the online form, which only takes a few minutes. You can also provide feedback through a computer by going to our Public Meeting Schedule and pressing the “Meeting Feedback Form” link for the specific meeting, or pressing the “[…more]” link for a specific meeting and then pressing the “Meeting Feedback Form” link on the “Meeting Details” page.

Last NRC fiscal year (October 2012 – September 2013), we received only 76 comment forms. We held over 1,000 public meetings during that time. We do read every card and consider every comment. We also analyze the responses we receive each year to look for trends. In some cases, past comments have affected where NRC holds public meetings and how the meetings are conducted.

With these improvements in hearing about meetings and giving us feedback about them, we hope you’ll find it easier to participate and more inclined to give us your two cents.

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

2 thoughts on “NRC Meetings “Go Viral””

  1. Thank you for your input on meetings While we typically, do a thorough testing of all AV equipment before a meeting, that doesn’t mean things won’t go wrong, especially if we are using equipment at a non-NRC facility. The best thing to do is provide feedback using our form for that particular meeting. There is no guarantee the problem won’t happen again at the next public meeting, but we will certainly do our best to address it.

    Lance Rakovan

  2. What the NRC needs to do is post a link at the end of every meeting so that those that want to can fill out a form and/or list complaints about that specific meeting that should be fixed before the next NRC meeting!

    Items like these need to be fixed ASAP:
    Meeting notices without specific link to that meeting
    Lousy internet feeds
    Poor meeting audio over the internet
    Being dropped from the “ask a question” phone queue.
    Having the moderator say there are no more questions when you are on hold.
    Having to mute the computer audio, if you are waiting in the phone queue,
    because the audio is out of sync.

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