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  1. Any public information regarding reactor-related emergencies is provided promptly through plant and/or NRC press releases and social media. All reactor-related event reports for the weekend/holiday period are posted to the NRC website the next business day.

    The website’s power reactor status report is updated before the start of each business day when the NRC is open.


  2. Wishing for Safety is the best the NRC can do, since Fukushima proved that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7!

    We are are at the mercy of Nature, not to mention the misdeeds of mankind, yet globally those that are charged with nuclear safety continue to smile and wave as they say N☢, as ever more people call for yet additional safeguards!

    What country can afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima?

  3. If the USGS can do real time earthquake monitoring 24/7, there really is no reason the public should do without information from the NRC regarding nuclear power stations and for such an extended time frame.
    The public will have no access to events/status from 12/25/14 ~ 12/29/14
    Surely the information from the stations is still being reported to the NRC….why not to the public?

  4. Merry Christmas to all the staff at the US NRC!

    John J. Coupal, Ph.D., R.Ph.

    Nuclear Pharmacist

    329 Melbourne Way

    Lexington KY 40502

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