Throwback Thursday — The First Swearing-In

hpfirstswearinginThe first NRC Commissioners were sworn in during a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 23, 1975. In addition to the NRC Commissioners, the photo includes Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller and what other high-ranking dignitary?

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Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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  1. To actually [try to] answer the question,
    Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun?

  2. oh, and i dunno, who is it? one woman in the room, that’s nice. 40 years later not much different . . . hmmmmmmm. sigh. #work2do have a great day.

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    Just like Net Neutrality, there was a time when we needed to make a decision how we are going to do things together: those who want to pursue person ambitions (now often embodied in corporations) to discover or just bring an idea to life in the space we all share together. Often, the unknown that beckons those ideas to come forth in the first place bares, over time, challenges and obstacles, hazards and new revelations pushing us further into the unknown with experiences now known.

    When, in science we have a corporate/collective ambition such as ways to create energy, we need to THINK about the inadvertent consequences such as the #nuclearization of our ocean waters beyond a measure we can control or may even know if humanity and life on earth may continue to survive and resemble any form of life we currently experience. The decline in species diversity, in particular, comes to mind.

    It is time THIS agency model the authority it takes to formulate and embody #RealNuclearWasteConfidence which may underscore the future of this industry to truly achieve its mission for the People who decided it was a good idea to assert authentic authority on a really exciting project that impacts us all so powerfully.

    Our ambitions and movement from a mindset of wholistic, integral safety for every level of existence on our planet, have gotten too far out of hand in this global industry to continue without doing some drastic reformation and policy approaches to the continued use of nuclear power in our nation. Human lives are a part of an invaluable creation for which we must be #TrueStewards for our children and those they choose to bring here for us to play with in our older ages.

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