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Throwback Thursday – Name the Scientist

Chemist Glenn Seaborg stands next to a periodic table. He is pointing at the synthetic element seaborgium, which is named after him. Dr. Seaborg, a former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemestry in 1951.

This scientist is best known for discovering an important element, as well as winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. His other claim to fame – and the one he apparently cherished most highly – was having an element named in his honor. What was the scientist’s name? What element did he discover and which one was named for him?

11 responses to “Throwback Thursday – Name the Scientist

  1. Delarno June 2, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    This is dear Prof. Glenn Theodore Seaborg. He discovered seaborgium and held more than 40 patents, including one issued for americium and curium.

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