In Honor of June – Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

fruitsandvegJune isn’t just about Father’s Day and graduations. It’s also Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. In honor of that designation, we bring you this question: Which of these fruits and vegetables contain naturally occurring radioactive potassium?

  1. a) White potatoes
  2. b) Carrots
  3. c) Lima beans
  4. d) Bananas
  5. e) All of the above

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Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

13 thoughts on “In Honor of June – Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month”

  1. Fresh fruits and veggies. Make your wish list from asparagus to zucchini and start enjoying.

  2. The fellow that invented Health Physics made this statement, “There is no safe level of exposure and there is no dose of (ionizing) radiation so low that the risk of a malignancy is zero.” Dr. Karl Morgan. Some other very learned people in the scientific community agree. Additionally, “There is a “no-threshold dose-response relationship between exposure to ionizing radiation and the development of cancer in humans.” National Academy of Sciences,BEIR VII, Phase 2, 2006 study, pg. 15

    The Radiation Hormesis theory, is a theory, it is not factual. The reason it is before the NRC and continues to be placed forward is financial gain for the nuclear industry.

    Your suggestion that the nuclear detonation at Hiroshima has extended life expectancy of the planet is wrong in any way that you may attempt to qualify such a statement.

    One of the greatest threats to any nuclear system is human reliability failures. You have suggested that a nuclear detonation increases life expectancy. There were deaths at Hiroshima, that is the purpose of a nuclear weapon, and deaths continue to mount as a result of nuclear programs in the world and U.S. today. Those facts may be gained from reading official U.S. Government documents, either in hard copy or online..

    Are you suggesting that the scientific evidence and facts of the past 70 years relating to nuclear energy be discarded so that the nuclear industry may realize further profits?

  3. How can there be a thing as “no safe level of radiation”? When life evolved, this planet was much more radioactive than it is today. Since Hiroshima, life expectancy on this planet has increased, I am not saying because of radiation, but in spite of radiation, it obviously does not harm us at the levels we are exposed to.
    Like everything else in life, too much is bad for you, too little kills you as well e.g. oxygen, salt, heat….

  4. Depends where they are grown, since the word “natural” is too vague.
    Fukushima has taught us that ☢ can be of concern if nuclear goes BAD for any reason.

  5. Man made ionizing radiation deposited in our food sources as a result of mining, nuclear fuels processing, weapons processing or nuclear reactor emissions increases the levels of ionizing radiation in our food supplies which increases the risk of cancer as there is no “safe level” of ionizing radiation.

    What is the message in this piece of educational propaganda? a) Are you attempting to convey the message that radiation is good for us? b) Are you attempting to convey the message that radiation is “natural”? c) Are you attempting to convey the message that radiation is safe? d) This message was delivered by the NEI special interest group? e) We are having problems with those in Congress who wish to defund the NRC so we are placating the special interest groups with their propaganda instead of strictly enforcing our regulations to protect the public?

  6. Natural & Man-made Radiation
    Thanks for the link to this information on radiation. The article concluded that…
    “We live in a radioactive world, and radiation has always been all around us as a part of our natural environment.”
    I feel better about radiation now. It is all around me and in me and in the foods I eat and the water I drink. I am now OK with it thanks to you. Radiation is my constant companion, my friend. Man-made radiation treats a lot of my ailments and diseases. For that I am truly grateful.
    But there is one form of man-made radiation that I can do without. It is the kind that has traumatized millions of people; displaced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes; made vast areas of our planet uninhabitable; and killed and maimed many people. This kind of man-made radiation has been foisted on me by big government and big business. I signed no consent form allowing such made-made radiation exposure. No one advised me of the risks and benefits of such man-made radiation. This form of man-made radiation is so potentially dangerous that no private insurer will underwrite it.
    Boss: Dilbert, You have been chosen to design the world’s safest nuclear power plant.
    Dilbert: This is the greatest assignment that any engineer could hope for. I’m flattered by the trust you have in me.
    Boss: By “safe” I mean “not near my house.”

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