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Summer Media Assistant

While students have been out on summer break, the NRC has been hard at work updating its Student Corner website – launching today. The Student Corner includes educator resources, basic information about the NRC and nuclear subjects and fun activities. Although the site was intended for students and educators, its resources are useful for anyone interested in the NRC and nuclear basics.

Opening the Student Corner reveals a vibrant dashboard filled with buttons and banners. Users can click on these icons to easily navigate between different sections. Some sections feature accordion-style menus, which makes it easier to get information without having to open up several new pages. Complete, printable versions of these pages can be downloaded as PDFs.

Teachers can use the full lesson plans available on the For Educators page. Each lesson plan has objectives, questions and classroom activities designed to engage students who can, for example, find the footprints of radiation in a cloud chamber. Educators can also create their own lesson plans using the additional resources provided.

The Student Corner also has resources for those who want to learn more about the agency and nuclear related concepts. Sections contain photos of nuclear power plants, diagrams of reactors or other graphics to make information easier to visualize. Information about the NRC’s role in the nuclear industry and the history of nuclear power are available on the NRC Facts page.

For more in-depth information, students can check out the Science 101 Series written by NRC experts. Science 101 covers topics such as Geiger counters, nuclear chain reactions, how a nuclear power plant works and more. Students can test their knowledge with the “What do You Know?” quiz.

The Careers page introduces career paths in the nuclear industry and at the NRC. Available links to video interviews with NRC employees, such as health physicists and thermal engineers, give students a look at potential jobs. Middle and high school students can use the A Journey to Your Future: Make Discovering Your Career an Adventure guide to learn about different career tracks. High school and college students interested in working for the NRC can also visit the page to learn more about NRC internships.

Additional links to photos, videos, schematics and other diagrams are located on the Multimedia page. The Resource page also contains an extensive list of links to educational websites of other organizations and federal agencies.

We launched the Student Corner just in time for the start of the school year. We’ll be adding additional activities and resources later in the school year.


Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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  1. The NRC can spend big bucks on Industry R&D and PR (including PR specifically designed or school children) while at the same time canceling its widely touted study on the Health effect of living near reactors due to lack of funds!

    I’m ashamed of the NRC’s decision, this is an epic failure to protect the American public ( especially women and school children), since similar studies in Europe have positively identified that there are health problems associated with living near Reactors.

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