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  1. Merry Christmas one and all….

    Let’s hope in the New Year

    We can live without Fear,

    The Nuclear Committee

    And Congress will see:

    That Fast Breeder Reactors

    And High Pressure Steam;

    Are not the best Factors

    For a World’s Best Green Team.

    Thermal and Thorium,

    Are quite Fast enough.

    We don’t need Plutonium,

    For Weapons of War

    Instead we can use it:

    To Feed The First Thor.

    The First Thor Thermal Breeders,

    Will have their own Blankets,

    And use the stray Neutrons,

    To make their own Fuel.

    They’re Far more efficient;

    Better than 90 percent;

    They’re “Walk Away Safe”;

    When They Shut Themselves Down…

    Can’t think what to say now….

    But know there’s much more….

    If I went on to tell you you’d say “What a Bore!”…

    Instead I’ll just Wish: – All at the NRC,

    Their Family and Friends…..

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year….

    Best wishes to all…


  2. I suggest you re-state the statement.

    It could be construed as saying that an arbitrary choice by a federal agency to pick a day off for some of it’s members, takes precedent over the birth of Jesus Christ.

  3. The Nativity of Jesus Christ is to be observed in this Country on Sunday December 25, 2016.

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