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  1. I would like to be above the ground then Paul but according to some sources I am already over the hill. (:-)

  2. It is a relief for me & I think for many other Americans to have a new President; a new Commander & Chief; & a new outspoken cheerleader for America. I believe we have seen the end of apologizing for America’s exceptionalism. I am confident that we will see real hope & change going forward.

  3. You probably mean the 45th President. The 58 th president will be a minimum of 52 years from now or a maximum of 104 years from now.

  4. Thanks for bringing up the fact that this is the 58th inauguration ceremony. This was a new number for me. You hear a lot about Trump becoming our 45th President but this is the first I have heard of 58 inaugurations. In thinking about that number I thought that there were 58 just based on Presidents who served more than one term. If I subtract 45 from 58 I get 13. Yet President Obama I believe was the 14th President who served full two terms as President. What complicates matters is that FDR was inaugurated 4 times & that there were 3 presidents (Lincoln, McKinley, & Nixon) who were elected to a second term but did not complete that second term due to assassinations or a resignation. Can your historian clarify the numbers here? I.E. could you break down specifically how we get from 58 to 45?

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