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The NRC blog is a place for constructive dialogue and information exchange between the agency and the public. We hope to see your comments! However, this is a moderated blog and all comments are reviewed before posting. Only comments that comply with the guidelines below will be posted.  NRC reserves the right to determine which comments are acceptable for the blog. Comment sections on posts older than one year are closed to additional comments, with the exception of the Open Forum post.

Comment “Rules”

  • Comments cannot contain vulgar, obscene, offensive or abusive language or personal attacks of any kind.
  • Comments cannot promote commercial services, products or political candidates, nor contain partisan political rhetoric.
  • Comments cannot be outside the mission and role of the NRC. The moderator may move off topic comments that otherwise adhere to the Comment Guidelines to an Open Forum post. Commenters may also submit comments directly to that post.
  • Comments cannot include sensitive or classified information or personally identifiable information, including phone numbers, (other than your name and your email address if you choose to disclose them).
  • Comments that are in the form of a press release will not be posted.
  • Duplicative comments of identical content will not be posted more than once.
  • Children under 13 cannot submit comments per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, but can send an e-mail to .
  • All blog entries and published comments are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act and will be preserved pursuant to NRC’s Records Management Policy.
  • Comments on the blog do not replace formal communication with the NRC. Safety or security allegations should NOT be submitted via the blog, and will not be posted if submitted. For more information, go here: .
  • General questions and comments from the public or the media can be submitted to .
  • Information about doing business with the NRC is available here: .
  • Information on job opportunities with the NRC is available here: .

(Last updated October 23, 2017)

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