Throwback Thursday — Kennedy’s Nuclear Visit

hpDr_Alvin_Sen_KennedyBefore John F. Kennedy became president, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. During his time on Capitol Hill, he visited the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Here, he’s photographed with ORNL Director Alvin Weinberg. Can you guess the year this photo was taken and who accompanied the then-Senator Kennedy? Extra points if you know what nuclear technology Weinberg is credited with spearheading. (Photo taken by Ed Westcott/DOE)


Throw Back Thursday – The Cyclotron

HP60-Inch%20CyclotronThe 60-inch cyclotron (circa August 1938) was an enormous machine for its day. It used a magnet weighing 220 tons (shown here). Dr. Ernest Lawrence would later build a 184-inch cyclotron and go on to win the Nobel Prize in what year? Extra points if you can name the man at the top with a pipe in his mouth.

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