An NRC-Recommended Video in Honor of Memorial Day

Leonard Carsley
NRC Veterans Employment Coordinator

memorial_125575514In honor of Memorial Day, the NRC highly recommends the video, “Fields of Honor,” produced by the American Battle Monuments Commission. This independent federal commission manages 24 overseas military cemeteries, and 25 memorials, monuments, and markers, nearly all of which honor those who served in World War I or World War II. This well-done, five-minute video reminds us what Memorial Day is truly about – sacrifice and service.

Looking for a Few Good Men and Women

In 2009, President Obama signed an Executive Order (13518) that required federal agencies (including the NRC) to develop a plan to improve veterans’ employment. Our plan, published last spring, shows our commitment to this important initiative. Our plan includes:

-Appointing a senior NRC person to lead and coordinate veteran hiring;

-Conducting mandatory training for managers and human resources staff on the value of hiring veterans; and

-Establishing a base line and targets to measure veteran hiring results. (Our baseline is 19.6 percent of new hires were veterans and 2.7 percent were disabled veterans.)

Our goal for this year is that 23 percent of new hires are veterans and 5 percent are disabled veterans.

To reach our goal, we are focusing on special recruitment outreach. We are attending eight veteran-specific career fairs including those sponsored by the military service academies, military officers associations, and student veterans conferences, as well as events sponsored by wounded warrior organizations. These special activities, we hope, will increase the number of veterans who apply for jobs at the NRC.

Veterans are well trained, loyal and dedicated to getting the job done. Their commitment to the government has already been tested by service in the military. Many are eager to continue their public service career. We look forward to seeing even more veterans in the NRC workforce in the near future. Veterans interested in NRC opportunities should visit

Len Carsley
NRC Veterans’ Employment Manager
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