Protecting Our Nation

The NRC has just posted on its website an updated report about the NRC’s security activities in the 10 years after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The report, titled “Protecting Our Nation,” (NUREG/Br-0314 Rev. 2) outlines important upgrades in security, emergency preparedness, and incident response related to nuclear facilities and radioactive materials.

Some highlights in the report include information on:

• Force-on-Force security inspections, which incorporate both tabletop drills and simulated combat between a mock commando-type adversary force and nuclear plant security force.

• Cyber security as an emerging tool that both domestic and international adversaries can use to exploit potentially vulnerable systems. The NRC is working with its federal partners to address this complicated issue.

• Incident response exercises as a way to prepare for potential terrorist attacks or other incidents, such as major storms, that could disrupt operations.

• Intelligence assessments used to evaluate and warn of possible threats of attacks or other malevolent activities directed at nuclear facilities or radioactive material licensees.

The report can be found at:

Rebecca Clinton
Security Specialist
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