Taking the Next Step – Building a 21st Century Digital Government

Over the past two years, the NRC has undertaken a number of initiatives to support President Obama’s emphasis on Open Government. We have, for example, made public 29 high-value datasets and embraced a variety of social media channels, including this blog, to share information. These initiatives are in addition to the variety of ways we have historically engaged the public.

On May 23, the President issued his memorandum on Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People. That memorandum launched a comprehensive Digital Government Strategy to enhance service to the public through the use of emerging technologies. Two of the goals in the strategy are to provide information to stakeholders on mobile devices, and provide application developers (not our typical stakeholders) ready access to data for subsequent analysis and use.

To get started we’ve launched a new public website describing the Digital Government Strategy at the NRC. We’ve also proposed two services that we could optimize for mobile use, and five systems that we could “web-enable” for developers using application programming interfaces (APIs). Availability of these new services and systems is targeted for May 23, 2013. For details, see Taking the Next Step.

We’ve based these selections on inputs we’ve received from the public over time through e-mails and web requests, as well as our own information on web page usage and dataset downloads. Nonetheless, we’d like your feedback on what’s important to you. We invite you to Tell Us Your Thoughts, and let us know if we’re on the right track to meet your needs.

So, lend a hand and help us take the next step to build a 21st century platform to better serve the American people. We would appreciate your comments by August 30th, and we thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Stu Reiter
Senior Advisor, E-Government
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