NRC & Your Community – The Video

Ivonne Couret
Public Affairs Officer

Every work day, 3,000+ of your friends, neighbors, relatives and community members head to their jobs at the NRC. They’re headed to one of four regional offices, our large headquarters site, our teaching facility in Tennessee or are stationed at one of the nearly 100 nuclear power plants around the country. They’re managers, technical staff, nuclear experts, lawyers, librarians, inspectors, accountants and more.

NRC & your community logo_clrThis “people” perspective is often lost in larger conversations about rulemaking, concerns about radiation, and the risks and benefits of nuclear power. But the NRC is much more than a large regulatory body. It’s an organization made up of people who care – people just like you.

So a class of the next generation of NRC leaders – called the Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program – decided to make a video focusing on the people behind the NRC seal, and how they help support society as a whole and the communities in which they – and you – live.

So, please take a few minutes to watch the video. We’ll also be presenting this at public meetings, making it available to schools and community groups, and augmenting it with other materials as part of a broader information campaign.

Author: Moderator

Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

35 thoughts on “NRC & Your Community – The Video”

  1. Thank you for sharing Video. I hope that you will product more the next meaningful videos

  2. Great video and this actually happens, one of my good friends work there and sometimes we share the conversation happened between senior executives and pass comments to each other for the favorable situations.

  3. I appreciate the fact that there are many conscientious and hard-working professionals at the NRC. You talk about the important human element in the agency. But what of the important humans that comprise the public you are serving? Especially those folks and their offspring who have been killed, injured, maimed, or traumatized by nuclear power plants?! You sent key members of your staff to view first hand the devastation wrought by the latest nuclear power plant accident in Japan. They wrote touching and memorable accounts of the human element associated with this disaster when they returned. Yet despite this, it seems your heart continues to be hardened as far as making sure such an accident like Fukushima cannot occur in this country. Please do not let the nuclear industry off the hook from making meaningful changes here to prevent a similar accident.”

  4. Diversity in race, sex, and culture is very important. Diversity of thought and perspective is also important. A pro-nuclear culture at the NRC has clouded their objectivity as a fair and impartial regulator. Public safety is assumed by the NRC not assurred.

  5. Great video really shows the human face of nrc, although from the video i would think the organisation needs to become more multicultural

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